Eating Spoon / Swamp Kauri #3
Eating Spoon / Swamp Kauri #3

Eating Spoon / Swamp Kauri #3

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Make your own Eating Spoon at home using this slightly darker Swamp Kauri Spoon Blank. This Eating Spoon is a good place to start if you are new to spoon carving.
Spoon Bowl Diameter: 45mm (approx.)
Spoon Bowl Length: 70mm (approx.)
Spoon Length: 215mm (approx.)
Spoon Depth: 13mm (approx.)

This spoon blank has been cut from reclaimed Swamp Kauri. Swamp Kauri is a hardwood and does take a certain amount of strength to carve. This is not a Greenwood carving blank, which is commonly used for spoon carving.