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To celebrate love in all its forms during the month of February I have made a second round of Lovers Spoons. One for you, and one for whoever you love. 

The Lovers Spoons are two Eating Spoons, one made from Kauri, the other from Swamp Rimu.

The Eating Spoon is based off a favourite spoon I had growing up. To me, this shape is perfect and makes for very enjoyable eating. Enjoy breakfast in the sun with your love, or a sweet treat in the evening.

The Lovers Eating Spoons have been made using Swamp Rimu (the darker spoon) and Kauri (the lighter spoon). The Swamp Rimu is particularly delicate, I would refrain from trying to cut through the hard base of a frozen cheesecake, or the like.

These spoons have been finished with a durable and food safe Osmos Top Oil, they will take care of you as long as you take care of them, please do not leave them sitting in water, or put them in the dishwasher. Best to wash with warm soapy water and dry immediately.

35mm x 20mm – Approx.


Goods are made from recycled and reclaimed New Zealand native timber. 

All pieces are finished with food safe New Zealand made finishing Osmos food safe Top Oil.

Each item is individually hand made, and is completely unique in form and grain. The piece you buy is one of a kind, therefore your purchase will vary slightly from the product image.