Corner Spatula with Hole in Tōtara Second
Corner Spatula with Hole in Tōtara Second

Corner Spatula with Hole in Tōtara Second

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SECOND / Hairline crack in handle, two available

Enhance your cooking experience with the Corner Spatula by Courtney Petley, expertly handcrafted from sustainably sourced Tōtara . This unique spatula features a precise corner design, perfect for fitting into the edges of pans for effortless stirring. The strategically placed hole in the middle is ideal for cooking dishes like risottos, allowing for even stirring and preventing clumping. Each spatula combines durability with an elegant finish, reflecting Courtney’s dedication to quality and sustainable practices.

60mm x 290mm – Approx.

Elevate your kitchen with this stylish, high-quality utensil, perfect for everyday cooking or as a thoughtful gift.


To care for your spatula hand wash in warm soapy water, do not put your spatula in the dishwasher or leave soaking in water. Keep out of direct sunlight.

All Kitchen Utensils are finished with food safe New Zealand made beeswax. If you would like to refinish your Spatula you can use our  Spoon Oil, or a Coconut Oil. Using a cloth massage in the oil, let the utensil sit, then buff off with a dry cloth.

Each item is individually hand made, and is completely unique in form and grain. The piece you buy is one of a kind, therefore your purchase will vary slightly from the product image.