Small Square End Grain Board made from Swamp Kauri
Small Square End Grain Board made from Swamp Kauri
A stack of small end grain chopping boards in Swamp Kauri, Walnut, Oak, Tōtara, and Rimu

Small Square End Grain Chopping Board in Swamp Kauri #1 / Second

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SECOND / Slightly visible darker patches from the thicknesser.

Small End Gain Block in two varieties of Swamp Kauri The perfect small chopping board for all the little things you may need to chop. It also doubles as a beautiful display board.

Length: 189mm
Width: 186mm
Height: 55mm

End Grain Boards are great to use as an everyday item in the kitchen. The wood fibres are standing on end which allows your knife to sink slightly into the wood without cutting the fibres. This also helps to keep your knives sharper for longer.

End Grain Boards have been finished using the Spoon Oil, a mix of coconut oil, mineral oil, beeswax, and vitamin E, then with a second layer of beeswax. 

To care for your end grain board wash in warm soapy water, and please do not put your end grain board in the dishwasher. To maintain your board do not leave soaking in water, keep out of direct sunlight, and if you would like to refresh your finish overtime you can use a beeswax or a coconut oil.